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View Your Home’s Energy Usage - In Real Time - on Your TV or iPhone!


Monitor Your Energy Usage in Real Time, Easily!

With energy conservation an ever-occurring theme in today’s society, it is important to us to provide solutions for energy management.  We are excited to offer “The Energy Detective” to our new and existing clients!

The Energy Detective

The Energy Detective device is a simple yet accurate home energy monitor that allows you to see your home’s electricity usage in real time.  No longer will you have to wait to see your power bill for usage statistics.    Become a more savvy consumer while monitoring your power usage, cost for power, historical use information, carbon footprint, and more! 

Complete Integration

The Energy Detective is compatible with our complete line of Control4 automation products, as well as individually.  Connecting to your automation system allows you to view a plethora of energy usage information on your TV, iPhone, or touchpanels installed around the house.

Further, when combined with a home automation system, The Energy Detective can trigger events, allowing you to shut off high-consumption equipment in your home during peak hours of energy consumption!

Manage Your Power Consumption.  Know What It Costs - You & The Environment.

With the help of Alaska Smart Home, you're not only able to better manage your own dollars, you are also helping your neighbors, your community, and the environment through energy conservation.


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