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Control Everything!  Sofa, Couch & Chair Sensors Turn TV On When You Sit Down!


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Take advantage of technology that makes your home life experience less complicated and more relaxing.  An automated home control system helps manage your home: from the lighting, heating and cooling system, whole-house music & video, security, garage door to the front door which can be opened with your iPhone.  Each system is designed and programmed with the specific needs of your family. 

Save Time & Energy!

These automated control systems will help you save time and energy.  With the single touch of a button or the activation of an occupancy or motion sensor, all the doors can be secured, the lights turned off, shades drawn, music and televisions turned off.  You can even leave for the night without worrying if the back door was locked – just check your iPhone or Blackberry!


Intelligence is the backbone of the system.  All doors and windows can be monitored and can provide alerts to a web-based program or your mobile device when it is opened. 

Affordable & Modular

Automation systems are modular and all begin with a one-touch remote control system and TV on-screen display.  Lighting, HVAC, Security, Home Audio & Video Distribution, automated deadbolts – all can be added quickly, easily, AND affordably.

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Alaska Smart Home specializes in systems integration and home automation.  Our engineers will take the time to review all of the options available to you and design the best system for your home!


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