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In-Wall Dimmers Allow Intelligent Lighting Control

Starting at $139 / Each!


Intelligent Lighting Control: Save Energy, Time & Money!

The first step to home automation is an effective lighting system.  The control of lighting is vital if you want the maximum benefits from other technologies in your home.

Your House Turns Your Lights On, For You.

Never come home to a dark house again.  Let Alaska Smart Home setup a system that turns on the main corridor (hallway) lights in your home as soon as the garage door opens.  We can program the lights to turn off half an hour after turning on to prevent you from having to turn them back off.

Occupancy & Motion Detection

Or let us install occupancy sensors and motion sensors in combination with new light switch devices to make your lighting truly automated!  All of our light switches and dimmers are available in wireless versions to make the installation easy and non-intrusive!

Wireless Keypads & Touchpanels

Let us install a wireless keypad or touchpanel by your bed that allows you to turn off every single light in the house!  Push the vacation button to make the lights randomly and intelligently cycle through on and off cycles.  Or push the “Emergency” button to turn on all exterior and interior lights.  There are so many lighting scenarios that can be planned for and implemented in your new smart home project to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Security System Integration

Once we have tied in your security system (installed by Guardian or another local provider) we can integrate the lighting even further.  If the security system senses a fire or break-in, automatically set the emergency scene so your family can get out, or in case of break-in, scare the criminal away.

Save Time & Money!

These lighting systems allow your home to be more energy efficient by pre-programming your lighting needs, preventing you from leaving lights on by mistake. You will be saving time and money every day. The engineers at Alaska  Smart Home will work with you to review all the options to design the best lighting control system for your home, one that will maximize efficiency and enhance your lifestyle.


Add Motion & Occupancy Sensors to Conserve Energy.

Plus, They Are Wireless!

Control Your Lighting From Any In-Wall Touchpanel or iPhone!

Lamp Dimmers Add Some “WOW!” To Your Living Room!

$129 / Each!

20% of all electricity produced in the US is used for lighting.  But-

50% is wasted by inefficient lighting sources or careless consumers!

Make your home more energy friendly with Alaska Smart Home & Control4!