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Alaska Smart Home designs, sells and installs sophisticated Internet, home-computer and entertainment network solutions for small or large residences.  We remain updated on the most up-to-date network standards & security.

Data, Audio & Video Networks

As networking becomes more and more integrated in the home, more types of information are moving over the cable installed in the home, or the WiFi system broadcasting.  Video, especially High-Definition video, consumes quite a bit of bandwidth on your network.  It is important that the equipment is setup properly so that video transfer and data transfer can occur simultaneously with the speed & performance you expect out of your network.

Everything Has It!

Virtually every electronic device you buy has an option or requirement to connect to the Internet.  Alaska Smart Home often recommends that you plan for both wired (fast, reliable, and secure) and wireless (convenient!).  Let the experts guide you in the proper implementation of both.

We Work With Everyone!

We can interface with any broadband provider in Alaska, whether it is GCI, ACS, MTA, or any dish internet setup.  Interested in dual redundant internet feeds?  We can do that, too!

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