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On-Screen Interface

One Touch Remote Control

Complete Home Control

Starting at $699



Remote Control

Solutions.  The Start of Control.

It all starts here.  The one-touch remote control that becomes the gateway to your residential electronic systems.  Begin your home automation transformation with this simple product.  Our one-touch remote controls come with a “RF” (radio frequency) base to allow for no-aiming while using the remote.  The remote controls all of your existing equipment, including TV, DVD Player, Cable box, etc…

Easily Expand.  Affordably.

Once you have your one-touch remote installed, it is only a simple step to upgrade to control your lighting, climate control, security cameras, front door locks, security system, and practically anything else that you can dream up.

Our systems are affordable and come with our service guarantee.  Call us today to get your system started!


On-Screen Interface

Easy Theater Control

Simplify Your TV System!

Starting at $499

In-Wall Touchpanels Give You Complete Control