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Lock & Unlock Your Doors - From your iPhone!

Ensuring Your Home is Safe & Secure.  Always.

Your safety & security is important to Alaska Smart Home, and that is why we offer some incredibly useful security & safety options for our Control4 systems. 

Intelligent, Wireless Deadbolts

Let us install a smart deadbolt system that integrates the front or back door locking systems into your automation system.  From any interface quickly see if the door is shut or open, and whether it is locked or unlocked.  If you get locked out, simply pull up the application on your iPhone, enter your password, hit unlock, and Voila! – the door unlocks!

Security System Integration

We can also integrate your security system or other similar system.  Your Control4 system will be available on screen for arming or disarming, checking zone status, etc… You can even remotely set the alarm the next time you are in Hawaii!

Garage Door

A fun project being opted for by some clients is the automated garage door kit.  This allows you to monitor garage door status and open and close it on the fly!

Door & Window Monitoring

Finally, don’t forget about the detailed status on open doors and windows around the house! Find out if the kids are sneaking out once and for all!  The system will even send you an email if something is amiss!

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Forget to Close the Garage Door?  Use Your iPhone to Close It!

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Let Us Add Window, Door, Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors For the Ultimate in Safety & Integration!