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Security Cameras. Window to Your World.

The best way of effectively enhancing the security of your home is to install surveillance cameras.  Cameras can be installed both inside and outside of your home.  The exterior cameras Alaska Smart Home uses are guaranteed to withstand our tough Alaskan climate!

Digital Video Recorders

Your surveillance cameras are installed to a digital video recorder of some sort and typically record any motion they sense.  Capture the activity of your home day and night.  You can even watch and area of your home in real time or replay the recorded video to review an event.

High-Tech Cameras

Alaska Smart Home uses both analog (traditional) cameras and IP Cameras, depending on the wiring already installed and/or your budget.  IP cameras are the latest technology and allow for easy integration with your Control4 automation system, and easy viewing from any device, whether it is the TV, computer, or iPhone!

Discrete, Dome, & Weatherproof Cameras

We use only the best surveillance equipment available.  This allows for creativity in placing the cameras.  Our manufacturers have created numerous camera designs for obvious or discrete placement around your home. 

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Alaska Smart Home, LLC

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New Wireless Cameras Work on WiFi!  Also in Megapixel HDTV Format!
HDTV Security Cameras w/ Pan, Tilt & Zoom.  Total Security.  Total Access.
Discreet Dome Cameras

View Your IP Cameras Anywhere There is a Computer & Internet Connection!