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Architectural Speakers!


Enjoy Your Music With No Limitations!

How it Works

It’s time to listen to your music, your way.  Without limitations!  Our Control4 automation systems combined with an iPod, radio tuner, cable or satellite box, CD or DVD Player, or even your computer allows a fully integrated music solution for your home.  Distribute audio sources from one room to any other.  Listen to different sources in different rooms.  The choice is yours!

No Wires? No Problem!

In the past, if speaker wires were not preinstalled in your home prior to the drywall being installed, you were out of luck.  Not anymore!  If you have no preexisting home audio system, don’t fret.  Control4 has provided several solutions for getting music wirelessly around your home, adding only several amplifier units and speakers.

Speaker Wires Preinstalled? Great!

If you have a preexisting wiring system that includes speaker wires, we can use that too!  Let us come take a look at your existing wiring setup and determine the best way to use it for making your dreams come true. 

iPod Docks

New iPod docking systems allow for full seamless control with your system.  Search and view your music selections on your iPod or iPhone directly on the TV, remote control, or touchpanel!  We can even install in-wall docks for your iPod or iPhone!

Install some in-wall touchpanels around the house (all wireless, of course!) to access your complete home automation system, in any room, at any time!


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In-Wall Mini-Touchpanels

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